Launched in summer 2017 by Guy Ritchie (no not that one!) a resident of Freshford just outside of Bath, Aluna is a stunning coconut rum.

Guy created this stunning new drink using a blend of rums from Guatemala, Trinidad and Guyana, mixed with pure coconut water. This natural coconut flavour is perfect for the new generation of more mindful and drinkers and those looking for a low sugar, natural drink instead of the normal synthetic, sweet coconut offerings. Guy and his team are focused on only using the best ingredients to make this 35% ABV spirit, using sustainably sourced coconut water to give it the delicious coconut flavour. Having tried lots of rums, Guy opted for the Guatemalan rum, which is made with first press sugar cane fermented with yeast from the pineapple plant to give the blend a natural floral sweetness, freeing you up to make lighter, cleaner drinks. The rums from Trinidad and Guyana add backbone and depth!

Our recommendation would be to try this yummy spirit mixed with pineapple juice, coconut water and fresh lime over ice for a PROPER Pina colada. Or if you fancy mixing it up with some local goodies from Taste of Bath, we recommend using Roundhill Roastery coffee from Midsummer Norton to make a coconut and espresso martini.

This new kid on the block, has been a multi-award winner, scooping a Gold Medal at the World Rum Awards 2018 and a Gold Medal at Spirits Business Rum Awards 2019

Aluna Coconut is suitable for vegan and gluten free diets

Emily is an arable farmer based in Corston, 5 miles from the centre of Bath. She farms with her parents Ros & Gerald Addicott who have lived at Corston Fields for 30 years, predominately growing wheat, barley and linseed.

In 2012 Emily's eldest daughter was diagnosed with gluten-intolerance; so in the pursuit of wheat replacements, Emily looked into other types of seeds and grains and came across quinoa.

As a big fan of the ancient grain, in 2014 the family allocated a small trial plot on the farm to start growing quinoa. It was such a success that in 2015 they teamed up with The British Quinoa Company and grew 12 hectares, which they have started to sell in the Bristol and Bath area.

Our quinoa has not had the nutritious outer shell removed to make it superficially whiter as many of the imported quinoa has, leaving it to be a truly wholegrain product'

They also have some of the quinoa milled in a gluten-free mill, the high protein content makes it a great alternative flour to bake with!

The ethos of the family is evident, working hard to provide a high quality, gluten-free product. Emily's husband is now planting some vines for 'Bath Sparkling Wine' watch this space! This is a family of farmers, keen to diversify and keep the next generation engaged.

The Bath Gin Company began two years ago down a cobbled street in Bath, underneath The Canary Gin Bar, where it is still distilled today. The Bath Gin Company & Bath Gin was created by Peter Meacock and Harald Bret.

With the help of some expert mixologists, the duo selected ten botanicals: Juniper, Cassia, Lemon Peel, Burnt Orange Peel, Liquorice, Cardamom, Angelica and Cubeb Berries. With two further and unusual additions: Wormwood, famously used in the distillation of Absinthe & Kaffir lime leaf, used in the Rums of Madagascar, Reunion and Martinique. The botanicals thriving within Bath Gin are the reason that Bath Gin is so moreish!

Adorning the bottles of Bath Gin you will find Jane Austen giving a naughty wink, nicknamed 'Virginia Gin Austen', The Canary Gin Bar has a selection of Gin Austen inspired cocktails on offer, showcasing Bath Gin as a diverse spirit, superb for mixing.
Bath Harvest Oils: Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil is grown & harvested on Debbie Keeling’s family farm in Wilmington, 6.5 miles south west of Bath.

In September 2011 Debbie started producing rapeseed oil as a diversification for the 650 acre farm, which forms part of the Newton Duchy of Cornwall Estate. The seed is harvested and stored in the barns, before being pressed and bottled to order in small batches in a converted farm building.

Coming from farming stock the ethos of Bath Harvest oil is to be environmentally friendly, with even the by-product from the crushed seeds being fed to the farm's cattle as a high quality protein supplement.

Bath Harvest Oil is loved by chefs and foodies alike, being used for cooking in the Michelin starred Pony and Trap in Chew Magna and River Cottage in Bristol.

This award winning original rapeseed oil is smooth and nutty, ideal for cold and hot cooking.

Michelin Starred chef visits our Farm... read more here
Bath Oliver Biscuits date back to the 18th century, invented by Dr William Oliver in Bath.

A friend and contemporary of Beau Nash & Ralph Allen, Dr Oliver was a famous physician in Bath during its Georgian heyday. Oliver lived in a large Georgian home in Queen Square.

First inventing the yummy and not so healthy Bath Bun (a rich, sweet bun that his patients adored) later he invented the Bath Oliver Biscuit to aid digestion and relieve rheumatism. Oliver specialised in soothing the strained digestions of the wealthy and over-indulgent.

When he died in 1764 Dr William Oliver left the recipe, a sack of flour & a sum of money to his coachman ‘Mr Atkins’.

Atkins set up in business at 13 Green Street and became rich by making the biscuit. After various changes in ownership, the Oliver biscuit recipe passed to James Fortt. In 1952 the Fortt family business was still baking 80,000 biscuits a day in Bath.

Sadly the biscuits are no longer made in Bath, but are institutional in Bath’s Food History.

Park Farm is based in Kelston: 4 miles to the west of Bath.

Park Farm is home to an array of award-winning organic & pasteurised cheeses: including the famous Bath Soft Cheese & Wyfe of Bath Cheese. All these handmade cheeses are made with old fashioned methods giving the cheeses more flavour. The Bath Soft Cheese is a very old recipe quoted in a letter sent to Lord Nelson in 1801, Graham found the recipe in an old grocer’s recipe book and revived it in the early 90s.

Graham and his family having been dairy farmers for three generations ‘There is something uplifting about the spectacle of a herd of sun glossed black and white cows on a field of brilliant green’, we operate by the old farming saying “Look after your cows and your cows will look after you”. The cheese is made in the same buildings in which my grandmother made her cheddar. The cows are just a few hundred yards away.

Bath Soft Cheese: Is a runny & gooey almost Brie like consistency with a creamy, mushroom and lemony taste.

  • Bronze Award: International Cheese Awards
Bath Blue Cheese: Made from creamy & crumbly day old curds, this is like a Stilton: woody, herby & slightly salty.

  • Silver Award: International Cheese Awards
  • Voted Best Cheese in the World at the World Championship at the BBC good food show.
Wyfe of Bath: A Vegetarian Gouda style cheese with a springy & smooth texture: this is a nutty, creamy and buttery tasting cheese. Made using traditional farmer’s wife methods: a cloth lined basket.

"It’s crazy! Why does Bath not have its own spring water?!”

This was the question Bathonians, Mark and Rachel Allen, and friend, Bath-based film producer, Jonathan Willis, asked themselves one day in 2016 over lunch.

Undeniably, the UNESCO world heritage City of Bath is internationally synonymous with water, and has been for thousands of years. From the city’s founder King Bladud in 863 BC, the Romans’ Aquae Sulis (the Waters of Sulis), as Bath was once known, the pleasure-seeking Georgians and our very own inspiration today, the water bottling entrepreneur “JB” Bowler, who starting supplying Bath with spring water between 1864 to 1969, water was, and continues to be, at the very heart and soul of our city.

However, the sulphurous thermal water that millions have bathed in isn’t necessarily the most pleasant of thirst quenchers! And so, our search for a local natural spring water supplier started.

As proud Bathonians and passionate believers in high quality, locally sourced produce we wanted our water to be local to Bath. Our quest lead us to the original source of Bath’s water, the Saxon Spring in the nearby Mendip Hills. Our water filters through ancient limestone vales deep underground and is drawn and bottled at source on organic land.

Thus, ‘Bath Water’ was born.

Choc on Choc is based in Rode 10 miles south of Bath:

All handmade by a team of highly skilled chocolatiers in an ever expanding warehouse, the team produce approx. 63,000 chocs a week: supplying John Lewis, Selfridges & Waitrose to name but a few… they also have gone international with outlets in Europe, Japan, USA & Australia.

They weren’t always so big, a kitchen table start up in 2003: Kerr and his daughter Flo were making noughts and crosses chocs for Christmas presents… quite a hit as you can imagine. Their original noughts and crosses product became ‘Love and Kisses’ and is still stocked to this day.

Spurred on by this success Kerr used his skills as an inventor and started to make various rubber moulds whilst Flo learnt the art of being a chocolatier. The idea of layering chocolate on top of chocolate was unique in 2003 and is now patented for choc on choc… allowing them to create beautiful and unique designs.

Choc on Choc pride themselves on the superb high quality of their Belgian chocolate and the way they have taken a fantastic product and hand craft it into something original.

Still family run, Kerr makes the chocolate moulds in ‘his shed’ while Flo runs the business: design is still very much a collaborative effort, designs such as shoes and handbags are big favourites!
Colonna is a world renowned coffee brand, based in little old Bath. You may not realise it but we have a three-time UK Barista Champion residing and brewing in Bath; Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood. Spoilt in Bath we have access to this award-winning baristas skill and knowledge, in the form of a Coffee Bar (Colonna and Small’s) just off Queens Square.

Colonna and Small’s has been a coffee-tasting destination for the past seven years. Maxwell and his team have triumphed in the world of coffee competitions, operated a coffee school, and collaborated with scientists to constantly push the boundaries in the pursuit of coffee perfection.

Maxwell founded Colonna because he wanted to source and roast the world’s most exciting coffees — and to overcome the challenges of brewing excellent, high quality coffee at home.

The world’s best competition winning coffees in a capsule!

This directly challenges the specialty coffee world’s preconceptions about how to brew coffee with amazing flavour. An oxygen free chamber with a weighed and perfectly ground dose of coffee ready to brew + a machine calibrated to deliver an exact amount of pressure and water at the correct temperature, means that Colonna are able brew incredible coffees using home equipment.

‘The role of the professional barista is to oversee the process, not just looking after grind but carefully measuring weights and temperature. Capsule technology allows us to oversee the craft for you.

We precisely measure out doses and control grind whilst halting the perishable nature of coffee by encapsulating each coffee in its own oxygen free chamber – the capsule.

With capsule technology we can not only allow you to brew better coffee, we can also harness the freshness of newly harvested coffee and it’s more vibrant character by seizing it in time’

Colonna is committed to sustainability, paying a premium for coffees that ensure a high cup quality and sustainable buying practices that reward the grower. Capsule technology is extremely efficient and makes the most of the precious beans that are carefully and lovingly grown.

Foundation coffees these beans have a balanced, clean, and full-bodied flavour profile.

The Discovery genre is full of coffees with exciting and distinctive flavours, whether it be aromatic and floral, or packed full of fruit.

The Rare genre: the most sought after lots from auctions and prestigious farms around the world. Please get in touch if you wish to order these.

Comins Tea

A fabulous family run company - a direct tea merchants - Rob and Michelle Comins are the real deal when it comes to sourcing tea. These two tea geeks are the go to for fine teas - they know their stuff! The history of tea, best places to source tea, how tea is made and how to make the perfect brew. We discovered Comins Tea, at their dedicated Tea House in Bath when it opened in 2016 and fell in love with not only their incredible range of teas but also the extraordinary ethos.

'Our aim is to make high quality tea more accessible, promote the understanding and enjoyment of tea whilst supporting ethical tea practice. In doing so our long-term aim is to ensure that dedicated tea farmers and their workers around the world gain a fair price for their tea and have the resources to continue to innovate & improve standards in tea'. Rob and Michelle Comins.

We have loved working with Rob and Michelle, creating our very own 'Taste of Bath Breakfast Tea', a stunning Assam from India which is fast becoming one of our bestsellers.

If your keen to learn more about tea and tea culture then you simply must visit the Comin Tea House on Monmouth Street, Bath - you can even attend their tea school! But to be honest, just a visit to the shop for a proper brew is well worth it. Plus you can grab a variety of teas to try at home!

Not in Bath? Or too busy? You can buy pure, whole-leaf, unblended teas from them at the Comins Tea online shop!

Dutch Boy Waffle Co.

Bob Kersten is the founder of The Dutch Boy Waffle Company, hand making moorish Dutch waffles, to sit alongside the best local coffee, in his coffee and waffle shop in central Bath.

So what's a stroopwafel I hear you cry?
A mouth watering biscuity, cookie-y, waffley disc of joy with a slightly crisp outer and a deliciously gooey rich and chewy centre. The humble stroopwafel came to be in the early 1800's in the city of Gouda, in the Netherlands. Originally made with leftover bread crumbs by the working class bakers of Holland, they soon became a firm favourite of the nation.  'The people's waffle'. Two thin, circular waffles are pressed flat on a pizzelle iron, which gives them their distinct checked pattern. The baked waffles are sandwiched together with a sticky sweet caramel and the edges finely trimmed. 

Bob and his team always cook waffles to order, meaning they are fresh and moreish, the perfect accompliment coffees, hot chocolates and chai lattes! Using only the finest ingredients, Dutch Boy Waffles dont just make the classic caramel waffles, they also have an amazing range of flavours, including coffee, chocolate and salted caramel! YUMMY!

Electric Bear Brewing Company

Chris and Jacqueline's love affair with brewing started with a Braumiester homebrew kit, whiling away many an hour perfecting the own brews, tweaking recipes and researching beers from around the world.

After years of perfecting the art, they decided to make this passion but more than just a hobby:

'Our vision is to create great beer and a brewery that welcomes the local community to share our passion, meet like minded people and above all enjoy the beer!'

Chris and Jacqueline's approach is simple: produce consistently great tasting beers: from core ranges to a more experimental world series. To involved the community in lower Weston where Electric Bear Brewery Co. is based, in October 2015 the gang opened the tap room up to the public!

For a bit of fun this lovely couple still mess about with the Braumiester and create some one off brews... which are only available through the taproom.

Fussels Fine Foods Ltd

With a farming history that spans generations, Somerset-based Fussels Fine Foods produces great quality rapeseed oil which is sold alongside a growing range of speciality rapeseed oil products, such as mayonnaise and an English Herb Dressing. These inspirational sauces and condiments add something extra to your cooking with minimum fuss every day.

Farmer and entrepreneur Andy has a passion for the land and a deep understanding of agriculture, and he is proud to share the great-tasting fruits of his labour. From sowing to cold-pressing and bottling, if the label says Fussels, you can be sure that what’s inside was produced from start to finish on his Somerset farm – and, as bottled within hours of pressing, it’s the freshest-tasting oil on the market.

Not only is Fussels rapeseed oil easy to use, super-healthy and delicious, but it’s also used in Fussels own mayonnaise and dressings. The flavour of rapeseed oil lends itself perfectly to use in the classic French condiment, and emulsifies wonderfully with the free range egg yolk. The English Herb Dressing is light and fresh, and uses a delicate mix of flavours to add depth and interest to many cold salads.

Friary Liqueurs is based in Witham Abbey near Frome 17 miles south of Bath: We made an exception to our 10 mile rule due to epic yumminess of the liqueurs. Plus no spirits are based within Bath’s 10 Mile Radius, I don’t want you to miss out!

Hannah, Tori & Alex are three siblings working together to create a new generation of liqueurs. Growing up in the West Country, the threesome are carrying on the family tradition of liqueur making ‘we’ve learnt from our family, by passing down knowledge & know how’

The family, are constantly evolving the range using crafting techniques and hand selecting the finest ingredients, to make small batches of each liqueur. Each batch contains under 100 litres and is made by hand, the only aid of the aptly nicknamed bottler ‘St Mary’: a clever old girl who can fill and cap up to 5 different types of bottles.

Recently awarded in a government initiative to support innovators in the food and drink industry, Friary Liqueurs is among 50 food and drink entrepreneurs to be aided in growing the business and developing the industry.

Heavenly Hedgerows is hand made by Chris in Keynsham 8 miles west of Bath.

Born from a love of cooking, walking and foraging, Chris makes uniquely artisan preserves from wild and wonderful local fruits and berries. All her produce is derived from naturally organic hedgerow berries. ‘We’re lucky to be surrounded by generous farms so that, with over 2,000 acres to collect from, we need never pick from the same place and can leave plenty for the birds’

All of this award-winning & hand-picked produce is made at Chris’s own West Country family farmhouse, in small batches. None of the products contain commercial pectins or preservatives, relying instead on fruits’ natural pectin to provide a clear and perfectly-set preserve.

Chris’s ethos is striving for the best in quality and taste, whilst also believing wholeheartedly in sensitive and sustainable foraging… it's ‘Wild Food in a jar.’

'This Elderberry & Bramble Fruits Jam is awarded a Silver award from Taste of the West: Subtle wild brambles meet healthy elderberries in this delightful jam made from foraged berries.'

H'eggs Pasta Company

Luca and Federico’s love affair with pasta started in their youth. Both Italians born and bred, this Mediterranean duo were both brought up on Mamma and Nona’s freshly cooked pasta.

Once all grown up, Luca and Federico moved to the UK. One opening a restaurant, the other decided to become a pasta artisan - trying to perfect the art of handmaking pasta, just like his Mamma used to make! After years of endeavour, Luca has honed his skills and methodologies to make the most delicious pasta, that even his Nona would be proud of. Meeting in 2016 they decided to open The H’eggs Pasta Company. These two pasta pros want you to experience pasta, like you have never encountered before.

H’eggs mission is to offer the best artisan fresh pasta as well as a whole range of dried varieties suiting all different tastes! Their two bestsellers are, the high in protein option - chickpea fusilli and a vivid red linguine made using red lentils.

Regular traders at the Bath Farmer’s Market, these Pasta professors use their knowledge and expertise to produce a healthier and more nutritious pasta, naturally lower in carbohydrates, with a focus on using locally sourced organic flour, semolina and eggs. You will be astonished at the difference in taste and ease of digestion compared to your supermarket, mass produced varieties.

Ultimately, they want you to experience their Italian childhood - eating that big plate of pasta without a care in the world!

Henny & Joe's was founded in Bath by lovely Ash and his wing woman, Lottie! Named after their beautiful boys Henry & Joe… these two are food famous in Bath!

Henny & Joe's combine an array of spices to bring you a therapeutic experience and a beautifully blended taste which is like no other. They use 100% natural ingredients to produce the finest and tastiest chai infusion.

Using traditional methods of decoction, their recipe is created from a blend of aromatic whole spices: cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, allspice, vanilla, star anise, nutmeg, fennel seed, mixed spice, sugar, water and nothing else.

True to its origin, their chai blend is naturally free from caffeine, artificial preservatives, colourings and additives. Because of its syrup form, Henny and Joe's chai is unique to the market and extremely versatile. Not only can it be used to make chai latte and chai tea, but also in baking, puddings, milkshakes, cocktails, and more.
A family run beef farm & orchard at Upper Midford Farm, 3 miles south of Bath: run by Bob Honey and his daughter Jules Coles (nee Honey), the second and third generation of Honeys in Midford. ‘We are a family run business who proudly make a scrumptious full bodied craft cider using classic Somerset apple varieties and traditional techniques’.

Upper Midford Farm was traditionally an orchard, but not utilised until in 2002 when Bob planted traditional Somerset grazed orchards, under which his cattle graze, shade and shelter. In return they provide fertility to the orchard soil, the cows are rewarded with the apple pomace once the juice has been pressed. They love it!

In 2011, cider production increased due to popular demand: using traditional West Country cider apples from their own orchard as well as nearby gardens, & orchards enabling Honey & Daughter to maintain the quality of the cider.

‘We find that using a small proportion of eating and cooking apples with the cider apples gives a clean and fresh note, which balances beautifully with the full, rounded taste of the traditional cider’.

Helen’s Favourite Cider!

In A Pickle is based in Winsley 6 miles south east of Bath:

Started in 2011 by Stephanie Anderson purely by accident in her kitchen at home, having made pickles and preserves for decades, Stephanie decided to make this passion into her own business. She loves watching people’s faces when they first try one of her 25 products and declare their adoration for the taste. She has many accolades for her products from Taste of the West Awards, Great Taste Awards and both Bath and Bristol Good Food Awards.

The pickles and preserves are like none I have ever tried before, made from seasonal, local and raw ingredients into a truly irresistible taste, there is a preserve for every occasion… Helen has 9 in her fridge!

This hot date chutney is like the best chutney your granny used to make, but refined and elegant. Not too hot, but fruity and full bodied…

I would also recommend the Pickle Lily, which is delightful!

Kettlesmith Brewing Company is a small, independent craft micro-brewery located in Bradford on Avon, just outside of Bath. Brewing modern interpretations of a wide variety of beer styles; drawing inspiration from the teams American and English backgrounds oh and their love of Belgian beer!

Anthony, the head brewer and certified Cicerone (certificate for beer pro’s) is super passionate about beers and believes it is quickly becoming an alternative to wine in the both eateries and drinking holes alike. The Kettlesmith team are steely focused on educating the nation in beers and food pairing advice. A perfect match for Taste of Bath, as these brewers love to partner with other food producers and encourage people to see beer with fresh eyes.

A core range of 6 beers, in keg, bottle and cask, the beers are engaging, flavorful and complex but not overtly challenging or intense. The team also like to mix it up a bit with seasonal and monthly beers! You can try these monthly specials at the team’s brewery open days and taprooms for more information visit

The Leafy Tea Co. is based in Hinton Charterhouse, a small village 6 miles south of Bath. A fledgling business, founded in January 2016 by the amazing April Collins.

April is a tea fanatic, having been inspired by the tea emporiums of Harrods, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason, the range, diversity and eclectic blends. Bored of the frequently disappointing supermarket ranges and produced teas, April set about sourcing stronger flavours which are all ethically sourced.

April creates her own blends, with the best selling one being black tea with coconut infusion, using coconut oil and flakes. Selling at farmers markets around the south west and supplying delis and cafes in the Bath area.

Its been a whirlwind first year, with a trip to Parliament with Taste of Bath and notably winning the 'Women in Business Young Entrepreneur 2017 Award'. Inspiring us not just with her teas, but her entrepenerial spirit, at the ripe young age of 17!!!
Meg's Cottage Fudge

Paul started Meg's Cottage Fudge in 2011, from his home in Bradford on Avon 8 miles south east of Bath. With a background and Double Major in Biochemistry, Paul took on the world of fudge after a successful 25 year career in Pharmaceuticals.

Selling locally in the Bath area to over 60 outlets, including the Roman Baths, Longleat, farm shops, and delicatessens.

Using only the best quality ingredients, their traditional ‘snappy’ fudge is truly homemade and comes in a variety of flavours including: Maple & Pecan, Honey, Chocolate, Ginger, Salted and Chilli!

Multi Award winning: Paul won the Bath Best Local Confectioner 2013 & 2014 and lots of Great Taste awards to boot!

This is Exceptionally Yummy!
Pistachios grown in Bath? Sadly no…

Pistachio Provenance, based in Bradford on Avon, 8 miles south of Bath sources pistachios from Greece and sells them in the UK. A Bath area business which focuses entirely on fresh & premium pistachios for the UK market. How could we resist?

Jane Hope-Johnstone set up the company in 2012 and has since won a 2 Gold star Taste award for her exceptional Pistachios. The Gorgeous Pink and Lime Hue of the pistachio is also reflected in her beautiful packaging!

Jane travelled to Greece in 2012 in pursuit of the perfect pistachio, her search ended when she met a corporative of farmers in Fthiotida. Sun filled rows of pistachio trees, run by farmers and their families who proudly produce a great tasting pistachio. So much so that the unique qualities and characteristics of these raw in-shell pistachios is guaranteed by the certificate of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

It takes 7 years for a pistachio sapling to grow into a fruit bearing tree and 10 years to reach maturity but patience is rewarded and the result more than worth the wait. Sustainability is a key ethos of Pistachio Provenance… the dedicated pistachio producers are farming sustainably, constantly improving and shaping the agricultural landscape for today and future generations.

Round Hill Roastery is a speciality coffee roasting company based a few miles south of Bath in Radstock, Somerset.

Their focus is to source, roast and supply exceptional coffee for the home brewer and wholesale customer.

Their approach to coffee is to source the best seasonal harvest, only picking small lots from independent growers and co-operatives and always paying a premium for unique quality and character. They roast to highlight the dynamic flavours, naturally found within their coffees.

Producer of the Month

Seven Hills Chocolate

Working in a converted stable building in a village a couple of miles from the centre of Bath, Seven Hills chocolate was founded with the aim of providing people with a higher quality of chocolate.

Numerous trips to the wonderful chocolate shops of Belgium and France convinced head chocolatier Nick Shearn that there were few opportunities for people to buy fresh, hand made chocolates and higher quality chocolate bars in the UK using superior couvertures with lasting flavours.

Bored with low grade, cheap chocolates packed with artificial flavourings and preservatives common in supermarkets and on the high street, people are increasingly turning to artisanal chocolate. There is a growing interest in experiencing the taste of gourmet chocolate bars and freshly made chocolates.

A hobby in the kitchen quickly morphed into a passion and then just as quickly into a business. Nick's range of chocolate bars are hand moulded then foiled and wrapped by hand.

Andy & James produce their charcuterie on the farm Andy grew up on keeping them grounded in the rural roots the business is founded on. Andy is a trained butcher and James had 24 years’ experience in the food industry before they met through their daughters at the school gates and started producing artisan charcuterie products using Somerset ingredients and West Country inspired flavours.

At Somerset Charcuterie they believe in embracing traditional Italian and Spanish methods combined with some of the fantastic flavours and rich food culture of the West Country.

They want to bring this innovation to the world of British Charcuterie with new flavours & ideas. Mixing the old with the new, and continental with British, to deliver bold, robust flavours that will excite and intrigue.

They use mainly Saddleback and Tamworth pigs - all free range and locally reared. Where possible they are using other local ingredients and their cider, sage, cheese, goat, duck and wild garlic all come from Somerset producers.
Somerset Hotsauce Company

Doug and Lewis have been perfecting this Hotsauce recipe for 2 years right here in the centre of Bath.

The story goes that Doug had bit of a bad break up, his chums at Wiltshire Chilli Farm took for a drink and gave him a big ole bag of chilli's to perk him up *true story. With too many Chilli's to shake a stick at, Doug started playing about with Chilli Sauce recipes.

Two years on and 60+ batches later these Bath guys have created something truly unique in the UK chilli sauce market. The flavour and texture is clean, fresh and not blow your head off heat! Unlike other chilli sauce you can taste the ingredients, its fresh not artificial, you can feel the texture of all the whole spices and enjoy the gentle heat. This is Helen's new food obsession, great with natural Yoghurt and is perfect for the Dad's.
The Oven

Angie and Nathan started the oven in 2014; a small wholesale bakery based at Hartley Farm, Winsley, in the beautiful countryside just outside of Bath. Specialising in rustic sourdough bread, everything is made by hand in small batches and delivered by bicycle. They bake, package, deliver and sell all of their wares themselves. ..

When their ovens are cooling at the end of a day baking sourdough, they make a delicious granola, made using the very best organic ingredients and packed with flavour. It's perfect with milk, yoghurt or indeed, straight out of the bag!

You can find their goods at cafes, restaurants and shops in the local area, as well as at Bath Farmers Market each Saturday.

The Wild Flour Cake company is based in Timsbury, 7 miles south of Bath.

Jess the founder of the Wild Flour Cake company grew up surrounded by food, growing up in the hotel kitchens of her grandparent's hotel, cookery and catering was in her blood.

Jess's passion for baking specifically originates from those rainy days spent with Mum next to the aga, cakes never lasted long with two brothers and her father to feed. A mis-spent youth dismissed for baking and decorating cakes, Jess knew this was her real passion.

Jess decided to turn her passion into a business; enrolling in a cake decorating course at Le Cordon Bleu in London. With the support of the Prince's Trust and her side kick Rachel, this ultra-talented cake maker started ' Wild Flour Cake Company’.

Most of the products are made using organic ingredients, in small batches (truly artisan) by a small team with love. The ethos of 100% organic is hard to achieve, both pricing and sourcing.

A total delight to work with and you may not know realise but they supply most restaurants and cafes across Bath. In fact, Taste of Bath is the only place you can buy cakes in a shop environment, aren’t we lucky!

What astonishes me about these cakes is just how tasty they are! These are THE BEST cakes you will ever eat.

Worth the calories!

Wraxall Wines

Planted in 1974, Wraxall* Vineyard lies on a beautiful warm south-facing slope which is situated between the Mendip and Quantock Hills in Somerset. It is the perfect location for growing a variety of grapes that capture the very essence of English Wine.

*With no decent vineyards within the 10 mile radius of Bath, we have sourced these fine wines from 23 miles from Bath.

After winning awards in the 1980s, sadly the vineyard was left to ruin in the 1990s. Until Brian Shirley and Jacky Brayton bought the vineyard in 2007.

Brian & Jacky took two years to restore the vineyard, managing to only retain the Madeleine Angevine vines, which are now 35 years old. Brian and Jacky have also planted four new varieties. Bacchus, 2 varieties of Pinot and Seyval.

Bacchus 2014
Bacchus grapes grown in the UK produces a Sauvignon Blanc style wine. On the palate it has a mineral quality, a clean, fresh dry, taste perfect to serve with seafood. 11.5%

Somerset Sparkling Wine
It is a blend of Pinot Noir and Seyval Blanc. A delicious dry sparkling wine with soft bubbles, gentle fruit flavours, baked apples on the nose with a long finish. It is bottle fermented and made in the traditional method.

Jacky & Brian have already won several medals from the UK Vineyard Association and 2015 won an award in the International Wine Challenge. With great thanks to their award winning wine maker Steve Brooksbank, whose new winery is on the other side of Wraxall Hill.